Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mi Casa es Su Casa

Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant
296 E. 17th Street
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

  A few readers of PapaKaster Eatin' have recommended I take the family to Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant in Costa Mesa. The PKE family finally made it down there and I was very impressed. My daughter ordered the kids bean and cheese burrito with fruit, my son ordered the Mi Casa grande burrito, my wife ordered a two item combo with a chicken enchilada in green sauce and a carne asada taco, I ordered a two item combo with a fish taco and a pollo asado taco. We also got an order of two chicken flautas which started the meal. With drinks this dinner was about $62.

  The a la carte order of chicken flautas came to table first and was a great way to start dinner. The flour tortilla was crisp and each flauta was loaded with white meat chicken. The guacamole was creamy and had a bit of sweetness to it that I really liked. The red sauce added a nice tang to the overall taste of this starter.

  My daughter enjoyed her bean and cheese burrito. I was glad to see her eat something other then chicken nuggets or a cheese burger. The burrito was just the right size for her as she was able to eat it all and finish her fruit. Even the fruit was a good mix of grapes, strawberries and blueberries. Since she did such a good job eating her dinner the waitress got my daughter a few extra cherries that are served in the drinks.

  So my son is playing freshman basketball and his coach has asked him to gain some weight and I think my son is taking that request to heart. The Mi Casa grande burrito is full of meat, he chose carne asada, rice, beans, cheese and lettuce. Then his burrito was covered in melted cheese. My son manged to eat all but about three bites of this grande burrito. My son said the burrito was good and that he liked the entire burrito. He didn't give too many details because he was too busy eating the burrito. This burrito was huge and I was shocked to see how much my son actually finished.

  My wife was glad to find out that her chicken enchilada could be made with green sauce upon request. She offered me a bite and I gladly accepted. The chicken was still moist and looked like it too was made with all white meat. The green sauce was flavorful and not spicy at all. The enchilada was also loaded with melted cheese which made this even better. In my opinion everything can be better with melted cheese. The taco had to be served on the side due to the shear amount of food that covered my wife's plate. I nabbed a couple pieces of the carne asada to give it a try and the meat was tender and had a grilled taste to it. 

  As for me I went with two tacos simply because my readers suggested Mi Casa has some of the best tacos around. I took one look at this plate of food and could not decide where to start. I figured the chicken taco would be a good starting point. This taco had so much inside of it the ingredients spilled out with each bite. The chicken was chopped in bits but still very moist. The chicken also had a nice smokey taste to it from the grill it must have been cooked on. The rest of the fillings in this taco was also pretty damn good, crisp lettuce, a mild red sauce and tons of cheese. My next offering was the fish taco which was made with cod. The fish it self was coated with a batter and then deep fried until it crispy. The fish was flaky and the white sauce was rich. The salsa on this fish taco helped to cut through the richness of the white sauce and the acid from the fresh lime added a nice brightness to each bite. Each combo plate comes with rice and beans. The rice was fluffy and the beans were creamy. After my one chicken flauta, two tacos and some rice and beans I was a happy camper.

  Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant did not disappoint. The food was excellent, the waitress we had was super nice and the prices were reasonable. This kind of food is what I think of when I think of good Mexican food and very much reminded of the Mexican food I would eat as kid with my family. I would highly recommend Mi Casa to anyone and encourage you to take a trip to Costa Mesa because it is worth the travel time. I must say thank you to my readers who made this recommendation. I know I will be back and will enjoy trying something different from the menu.

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