Monday, December 3, 2012

A Global Dinner at The Globe

The Globe
Dine and Bar
12926 (Historic) Main Street
Graden Grove, CA 92840

  I was contacted by Michael, the owner of The Globe, through this blog. He offered me a $30 gift certificate to come check out his restaurant and I gladly accepted. I never started PapaKaster Eatin' with the idea that I would get anything from it, but do feel it is fair to let my readers knows if any portion of the meal was comped to me.

  My wife and I went to the The Globe on a Saturday night, the restaurant was busy but not crowded and we sat down right away. Unknown to me at the time the owner Michael was helping us and took our drink order right away. After delivering our drinks he took a meal order which consisted of the cheese board for starters. My wife then ordered one of the monthly specials which was the Aussie Mixed Grill and I ordered the Globe Short Rib. For dessert we ordered a Belgian waffle. This entire would have been $67, but with the certificate the price was cut in half.

  The cheese board was $14 and had a selection of  artisan cheeses which included manchego, aged cheddar, house made goat cheese and brie. There was also some fresh strawberries, sun dried tomatoes and an apple compote. The machego cheese paired nicely with the fresh strawberries. The sweet strawberries cut through the sharp cheese and the balance of flavors was nice. The aged cheddar was mild but very good. This was my first experience with goat cheese and it was okay, the fresh herbs helped to cut through some of the gamy flavor the cheese had. Lastly I had the brie and apple compote a classic combination and it was delicious. The creamy brie and the compote made for a perfect bite. This was an excellent start to the meal.

  The Aussie Mixed Grill at $18 was part of a monthly menu offering done by The Globe. Every month they will be visiting  a new destination and this month it happened to be Australia. The Aussie Mixed Grill contained char-grilled steak, lamb sausage which my wife had substituted for a bratwurst, lemon grass shrimp and a potato gratin. I snagged a couple pieces of the bratwurst and the steak, but left the shrimp all to my wife. The bratwurst was cooked nicely with a crisp skin while the meat was moist and flavorful. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium and covered in a meaty pan sauce. My wife said the shrimp were plump and juicy with a nice cream sauce. My wife enjoyed thi meal and said she enjoyed the steak the most but that everything else was also really good.

  I was torn between ordering the Globe Short Rib at $17 or the Herb Stuffed Chicken at $16 but decided to go with the short rib in the end. The Globe Short rib is a slow cooked, boneless short rib served with natural jus for the sauce. The rib it self was so tender I did not need a knife and could cut the meat with my fork. The sauce was seasoned perfectly, I did not need to add any salt or pepper. The meat was everything a good short rib should be, tender meat filled with fatty bits. The veggies were good, I even tried a beet for the first time and enjoyed it. The potato gratin was also really well done. The potatoes were cooked so they were soft but not mushy then loaded with cream and covered in cheese. Not sure what cheese was used but I am guessing it was the aged white cheddar. Each bite of the gratin was cheesy goodness. I very much enjoyed my meal and thought the portion size was pefect because I was full but not so full we could not enjoyed some dessert.

  To end the dinner we went with a Belgian waffle at $6 and it was covered in fresh house made whipped cream and chopped strawberries. The waffle it self was crisp on the outside while being soft and fluffy on the inside. The waffle was not overly sweet, the whipped cream, strawberries and sprinkled powered sugar added the right amount sweetness. This dessert was light and not too rich which completed this meal in just the right way.

  As the meal ended Michael introduced him self and we spent about twenty minutes talking with him about his ideas behind the The Globe. He told my wife and I that he wants people to come to The Globe and enjoy their time in the restaurant and not be rushed. He wants his customers to get a feel for what a European restaurant experience is like. He also never wants any of his customers to feel like they are just a number in a corporate machine turning tables as quickly as they can. I have to say this has been accomplished. At no time did I ever feel like my wife and I were being pressured to place our order quickly, finish our food so we could be replaced by the next paying customer. We actual spent almost two hours at The Globe because we were in no hurry and The Globe was glad to have us there.

  I would have been fine with paying the $67 tab for this meal. The food was excellent, the service was awesome and the ambiance was great. In fact each table is a different European country so you can literally travel the world going from table to table. We happened to sit at England. I would definitely return to The Globe and can easily recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a great dinner.

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