Monday, February 27, 2012

PKE goes to Triple D territory

Mama Cozza's
Italian Restaurant
2170 W. Ball Road
Anaheim, CA 92804

  I've been watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives since near day one of the show. I can remember the episode when Guy was at Mama Cozza's and it has been in the back of my head to try ever since. With Taste of Sicily now being closed, I know it's sad day. I am now searching for an Italian restaurant that is local and just as good if not better. I was hoping Mama Cozza's would be that place but unfortunately it is not.

  My daughter got a peperoni pizza, my son got a meatball and cheese sandwich, my wife angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken and I got the combo plate. The combo plate came with pasta, lasagna and ravioli. With drinks this meal was about $70.

  My daughter loved her pizza and gobbled down three slices. I also had a slice and the pizza was good. The pizza had thin crust but not cracker thin. The sauce was lite while the cheese was thick and the pepperoni placed just right. The crust at the end of the pizza was lacking and left a baking soda kind of taste in my mouth. My son said the sandwich was okay. He did say the meatballs were large but that they were also kind of bland and dry.

  I really do hate saying bad things about local joints but one thing I said I would from the day I started PKE was to be honest about the food and experience. The bowl of pasta my wife had was beyond bland and just plain flavorless. The alfredo sauce had absolutely no flavor to it all and just tasted like thickened milk. The chicken helped to add some taste to the dish but overall it is was just a complete let down.

  My combo plate was okay but nothing special. The pasta was cooked just right, the ravioli was good but reminded me of something I could buy at the grocery story. The lasagna was the best thing on my plate and that was not all that great. The lasagna was loaded with ricotta cheese and had some ground meat sprinkled in with it. The entire plate of food was covered in what they call Mama sauce. The sauce again was good but nothing that screamed home made to me.

  I really did want to like Mama Cozza's Italian Restaurant. Having been on Triple D I was expecting more from Mama Cozza's and was ultimately disappointed. I am not here to bash Mama Cozza's because the food was awful it just was not anything to get excited about. Maybe I hit Mama Cozza's on a bad night but not sure I will give them a second try either.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Stuff yourself at Tummy Stuffer

Tummy Stuffer
101 Sandwiches
1210 S. State College Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92806

  I have been going to Tummy Stuffer 101 Sandwiches for more years then I can count. I discovered this location because I used to work around the corner and would go here for lunch. The sandwiches have consistently stayed  the same through out all these years so I knew it was an easy choice when looking for a place to eat lunch on a Saturday afternoon. The wife was working so the kids and I packed in the car and headed over there. My daughter got the kids meal ham and cheese, my son got the meat ball and Italian sausage and I got the monster. My son also got the combo meal which adds chips and drink, all together this cost be about $23.

  I am always worried when my daughter gets a sandwich from a place like this because she tends to not eat the sandwich and only eat the chips and fill up on soda. Today she managed to eat almost half the sandwich before she said she did not like the bread, so she proceed to finish just the ham and cheese. I was happy with that because she ate. The kids meal sandwich is about four inches long.

  My son being the bottomless pit that a thirteen year old can be ordered the regular meatball, sausage and cheese but that still was not enough for him. He said the sandwich was good, the meatballs were average sized and the sausage was mild. He said the sauce was also good and the cheese was melted well. It's hard to get an idea of what this sandwich was like when he is shoving it down his throat so fast I am not even sure he was chewing. It had to be a good sandwich because half it was gone before I even took the first bite of my own sandwich.

  The monster sandwich is my go to favorite when I come Tummy Stuffer. I ordered the large and it contains ham, turkey, roast beef, bacon and avocado. You can then have them add lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and/or onions. I got mine sans avocado and onions. One of favorites things about this sandwich shop is the bread they use. The bread is soft and chewy but still has good flavor to it. The roast beef they use is tender, the turkey is juicy, the ham is salty but not too salty and the bacon is crisp. I also really enjoy the large pieces of chopped tomatoes and pickles which add a touch of sweet and sour to each bite. Tummy Stuffer has many sandwiches that I have not tried because the monster is simply the best of them all in one large sandwich. But I would also recommend the tuna fish, that is one other sandwich I have tried and it is simply put, delicious.

  Tummy Stuffer 101 Sandwiches has so many different choices to choose from even vegetarians will be able to find something here. The small seating area can get crowded quickly during a weekday lunch rush so get there early or wait until after the lunch crowd dissipates. This Tummy Stuffer has been around since 1979 and that tells you they must be doing something right, no? I am glad I stumbled across this Tummy Stuffer ten plus years ago because whenever I am in the area a sandwich is in my future. Next time you are in the area do not waste your money at the large chain sandwich shop two doors down, resist the urge for that five dollar foot long and spend the extra cash for a sandwich that is well worth every penny.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lunch from Forest

Bubba Gump
Shrimp Co.
87 Aquarium Way
Long Beach, CA 90802

  So the family went on a field trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific. While there we decided to walk across the street to have lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. We were seated right away and the service was extremely friendly and fast. The atmosphere made me think I was inside the movie setting for Forest Gump. My daughter ordered kids chicken strips, my son got a shrimp po' boy, my wife ordered a chicken cordon bleu sandwich and I got fish and chips. With drinks the meal was only $46 but this is because my wife's sandwich was taken off the bill, explanation coming.

  My daughter chomped down her chicken and fries without any issues. The chicken looked crunchy and moist. My son said the shrimp po' boy was kind of plain tasting. He said the shrimp was cooked nice and the crisp coating was golden brown but he said there was no real flavor.

  My wife's first sandwich was not cooked and the chicken was raw in the middle. The staff at Bubba Gump's apologized and made sure she got a new sandwich. They also took the sandwich off the bill so that is why the bill was a bit cheaper. I did have a few bites of this sandwich and it was damn good. The chicken had some kind of thin crust on it, maybe a parmesan cheese crust but not really sure. The ham was thinly sliced and a couple layers thick. The swiss cheese was melted and gooey. Then this was all contained in a french roll that was crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. A delicious sandwich indeed.

  My fish and chips was okay. My issue was the fish they used still had some of the darker meat, possibly the blood line, when it was cooked. This was kind of off putting to me but the rest of the fish was good. The batter was crunchy, the fish was flaky and the tater sauce had a tiny hint of spice to it. I was not displeased with the plate of food but not overwhelmed either.

  My experience at Bubba Gump's would have been a lot better if we did not have to deal with a uncooked chicken sandwich. However I am very pleased with the fact that Bubba Gump's staff made it right by taking the sandwich off the bill. Our server was very attentive and super friendly. This alone would keep me coming back despite the mistakes made in the Bubba Gump Long Beach kitchen.

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