Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tutto To-Go

Tutto Fresco
1808 N. Tustin St.
Santa Ana, CA 92705

  Always looking for good Italian food I was excited to see Tutto Fresco taking over the failed Woody's Beach Grill location. My wife and I were driving home trying to figure what was quick, inexpensive and something other then burgers. My wife reminded me of Tutto Fresco so we thought we would give it try. Cool thing about this place is you can dine-in, take it home or even drive-thru. Since the kids were at home waiting for dinner we brought the food home. The entire meal was just shy of $40.

  My daughter went with the kids peperoni pizza and my son went with the Pollo alla Florentina. This was grilled chicken breast with sauteed spinach and Roma tomatoes in a tomato cream sauce with linguine pasta. My daughter gobbled down her pizza without any complaints. Just looking at the pizza it did not look too greasy and the crust looked crisp but still soft. My son said he liked his pasta dish but he thought there was a bit too much tomato. I tried a bite for my self and the chicken was still moist, the pasta was perfectly al dente but I did think the tomato cream sauce was lacking some flavor. For me it needed some fresh cracked pepper and I think that would have been the kick it needed.

  My wife ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo with bacon and peas. My wife said she really enjoyed this dish. I had to grab a fork full of this to try it for myself. Again the noodles were cooked to a perfect al dente, the Alfredo sauce was creamy, full of parmesan and richness. The peas were fresh and still had a bit of bite to them which made them pop with flavor. The bacon was still crisp and added a nice fatty, saltyness to the entire dish. The amount of bacon was just enough to let you know it was there but not enough to over power the entire dish. Personally I though the one fork full I got was delicious and something I could see myself ordering in the future.

  As for me I ordered the Baked Sausage Lasagna. This is  four layers of pasta with fresh tomato sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella, Parmigian-Reggiano, ground beef and mild Italian sausage. Once again the pasta noodles were cooked perfectly. The tomato sauce was full of fresh herbs and garlic that really helped to bring all the flavors together. The ricotta was spread thick and remained creamy. The mozzarella added that classic richness and stringiness with a fork full of food. The ground beef and sausage were a nice combination which made the dish flavorful without being too strong in either directions. This was a very well made lasagna that I would not hesitate to order again.

  For an after dinner treat we got a huge slice of carrot cake. The cake it self was moist and chalk full of raisins, walnuts and grated carrots. You could really taste all of the different spices like cinnimon and nutmeg.  The cream cheese frosting was sweet, a little of this frosting went a long way but that is what I expect from a good frosting. This slice of cake was enough for all four us to get our fill. Tutto Fresco also has a chocolate lovers cake and I think that will be our next dessert to try.

  I honestly was not expecting this kind of meal from Tutto Fresco. Having never eaten here before and seeing that it had a drive-thru I was expecting so-so quality food. Boy was I wrong. The quality of food was fresh and everything is made to order. We only had to wait about ten minutes for the food to be ready which was a lot faster then I was expecting. The service at Tutto Fresco was super nice and very helpful. There are a few other locations in Orange County but I am glad this one has opened just down the street from home. I would definitely consider this fast-food but it has none of the typically fast-food qualities other then the food came out fast and I am looking forward to the families next visit.

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