Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Early Morning at Early Bird

Early Bird Cafe
1000B East Bastanchury Road
Fullerton, CA 92835

  It was an early Sunday morning and for this family I'm talking around 10am when we arrived at Early Bird Cafe in Fullerton. The wait was about thirty minutes and I was willing wait. I had heard a few good things about Early Bird so thirty minutes did not seem too bad. We took the time to look over the menu and decide what we wanted to eat. My daughter got the kids scrambles eggs with bacon and pancakes. My son got the Dutch waffle, my wife got the three egg meal and I got the John Wayne omelet. With drinks this meal was about $35.

  My daughter had no trouble picking out what she wanted and she had no problem finishing the food. My daughter really liked the pancakes and the bacon but she said the eggs tasted like they were a bit runny. I didn't see any problem with the eggs and even tried them, they were okay to me. These were plain Jane kind of eggs but this must be because they came from the kids menu.

  The Dutch waffle is just a waffle with a blueberry compote and whipped cream with nothing else. When it came to the table I did not think my son would have enough to eat. The way he has been packing away food I thought for sure he would want something more. However after almost finishing the waffle and having a few bites of my omelet my son said he was stuffed. I had to grab a couple of the left over pieces off my son's plate to try this waffle. The waffle it self was thin and very much reminded me of a softer version of a waffle cone. The blueberry compote and whipped cream added the right amount of sweetness so no syrup was needed. A very tasty waffle indeed.

  My wife's plate of three over medium eggs, three slices of pecan smoked bacon and EB skillet potatoes looked simplistic but the flavors were spot on. The eggs were cooked just was my wife likes them with a yolk but no runny whites. The bacon was think and smokey while the EB skillet potatoes were a garlic kick to the mouth. I tried a bit everything on my wife's plate and the real star of that plate were the EB skillet potatoes. They looked to be yukon golds that were sliced and then skillet cooked with heaps of garlic. These potatoes out shined the hash browns I ordered  with my meal.

  Well little lady I hope you are ready this omelet (he said in his best John Wayne voice). The John Wayne normally comes with sausage, red peppers and mozzarella cheese. I substituted the red peppers for caramelized onions. I ordered my meal with hash browns but soon wished I had got the ED skillet potatoes. The omelet was cooked perfectly for my liking, the eggs slightly under cooked to avoid becoming a tough mess. The sausage was cut into nice chunks and was all the way through the omelet while the onions and cheese added a bit of sweetness and tang. The entire omelet from end to end was full of each of the ingredients with no pockets of just egg. The hash browns were crisp on the outside yet still soft and moist on the inside. They had a hint of cheesy flavor to them that I couldn't place but it wasn't anything off putting. Next time I eat at Early Bird I will be getting the EB skillet potatoes without a doubt.

  As a family we all walked out of Early Bird full and happy. The food was delivered to our table very quickly and our server was attentive. We all enjoyed our breakfast at Early Bird and I would definitely go back without hesitation. However would I choose wait another thirty minutes to dine at Early Bird? While everything was good I simply did not find the meal worth the wait. I liked Early Bird and would patronize them again but next time I might just call in my meal for pick up simply to avoid the wait.

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