Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dessert for Breakfast

Orange Cafe
1608 E. Mayfair Ave
Orange, CA 92867

  I was flying solo this week after getting the oil changed in my car. I was hungry and bored so I checked Yelp for breakfast places. Orange Cafe came up almost on top and I had read a few other blogger reviews on it, so that made it an easy choice. The restaurant is small and can fill up very quickly. I must have gotten lucky because I was able to sit right away. I looked over the menu and almost got the corned beef hash and eggs but then I saw vanilla bean creme brulee french toast. Creme brulee being one of my favorite desserts it was my pick. The order came with eggs and bacon or sausage, I went with one and one.

  I got my eggs scrambled and they were fluffy, light and cooked just right. The bacon was crisp and not greasy. The sausage was full of flavor and snapped when bit into. This was a great start to my breakfast that was only $9.95.

  The star of this meal was the creme brulee french toast. This was a classicly cooked french toast but instead of syrup it is served with a creme brulee sauce. All I can say is Oh Em Ge! This was some of the best french toast I have ever had. The french toast it self was not soggy by any means and had a slight toast to it. This made the bread very easy to cut with a fork and I could taste the flavor of this soft bread. The creme brulee sauce was drizzled over the four slices and Orange Cafe also provides an extra small cup of this sauce with the caramelized sugar top. Breaking the sugar top and pouring this liquid goodness all over the french toast made this an over the top breakfast. As rich as this sounds, it was not. In fact this sauce was just the right amount of sweetness.

  My wife was not happy that she did not get to try The Orange Cafe so I know we will be back and I am 100% okay with that thought. The service at Orange Cafe was super friendly and speedy. The menu prices were reasonable for the portion size. My plate of food was on point and the flavor was amazingly good. I would say without a doubt you need to get yourself to Orange Cafe and try this place out.

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