Wednesday, July 10, 2013

No More Home Pride Bread?

  I have been struggling to find a good quality replacement bread for Home Pride Bread ever since Hostess and Wonder went out of business. I was excited to see that Hostess was coming back but could find no news on Home Pride Bread returning. So I went to Facebook and sent the question to Hostess since I could not find a Facebook page for Home Pride Bread or Flowers Foods (which is the company that bought out the old Hostess Company). The answer I got was not good and from the screen shot included it appears Hostess is strictly focusing on snack cakes only. I truly hope this is not true or it is a decision they will reconsider. I do a few more emails and phone calls out there that I am waiting for responses from and I will update accordingly if I get any replies.

  Home Pride Bread was staple in my child hood life, in my early adult life and in my kids life. It is a food product I have sincerely missed since it was removed from my grocery store shelves. If anyone out there has a good recommendation for a Home Pride Bread replacement feel free to leave a comment here or head to my Facebook page PapaKaster Eatin' and leave a comment there. It may seem silly to be so upset about bread but I know I am not the only person out there that has this kind of love for Home Pride Bread and not the only one that will be upset about this news if it is true. The search continues!


  I never did hear back from any of the contacts I tried to reach when I originally made this post but checked the Flowers Food web site today (7/22/2013) to find Flowers Foods has posted a new press release stating the completion of "acquisition of bread assets, including 20 bakeries; the Wonder, Merita, Home Pride, Butternut, and Nature's Pride brands; and 36 depots from Old HB, Inc. (formerly Hostess Brands)." Does this mean the return of Home Pride to our local shelves? Quoted from the press release "Consumers across much of the country can expect to see these well-known and loved bread brands returning to store shelves over time." said Allen L. Shiver. I certainly hope Home Pride is one brand slated for return.

Flowers Foods press release 7-22-2013 


  I finally received a reply from one of the email inquiries to Flower Foods and the reply was some what promising. Most of the email was just about the press release I posted in the first update but what this representative said gives me hope but it is still not a conformation that Home Pride is coming back.

"Flowers plans to begin re-introducing these former bread brands into its core markets (markets it has served for five years or more) as soon as possible. The company is not sharing any other details regarding its plans for these brands at this time."


  Flower Food made an announcement on Monday (9/23/2013) that Wonder bread has returned. The title of this announcement is "Wonder, Merita, Home Pride, and Butternut breads return to grocery stores throughout Flowers Foods' geographic market area." My beloved Home Pride bread is in the title I cannot wait until it returns to my local grocery store.

  "We're thrilled to be baking these wonderful breads and know that millions of consumers will be smiling when they find their favorite back in their grocery store," noted Keith Aldredge, Flowers Foods' vice president of marketing. "We are using the same recipes and paying close attention to quality and freshness. We want these breads to be great from the very first taste." "Where ever these brands were available before within our market area—they are returning," Aldredge explained. Quoted directly from the press release, link below.

  I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for the return of Home Pride bread and I am truly excited to hear this news. I have been able to find acceptable replacements but nothing that even comes close to Home Pride. It looks like all of us Home Pride bread fans will soon be able to again enjoy our favorite bread.

Flower Foods press release 9-23-2013

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