Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Finally Made It to Haven

Haven Gastropub
190 S. Glassell Street
Orange, CA 92866

  When Haven Gastropub first opened all I heard was how great the restaurant was and how epic the food tasted. I kept telling myself that I would get there and write about it but it just never happened. My wife and I found a day that allowed us to get over to Haven and finally try the food. The best part for me was Haven now has a breakfast menu, so we both ordered from that menu. We started with the pretzel, my wife got the biscuits and gravy while I ordered the hash pile. With two lemon-aides the bill was about $38.

  I must start by saying I thought the lemon-aide at Haven was some of the best lemon-aide I have had in a long time. Sweet and tart without either overpowering the other, full of lemon flavor. I even was surprised to see that the ice cubes in our drinks were actual cubes of ice. Just a little thing that I thought was really cool.

  The Hand-twisted Pretzel is covered in ilocano asin Philippine sea salt and comes with beer mustard and bacon-fontina cheese sauce for dipping. The pretzel itself was crisp on the outside but still soft and chewy on the inside. The beer mustard starts sweet but finishes with that classic mustard twang. The bacon-fontina was full of bacon flavor while remaining creamy from the slightly sweet cheese. Even the salt was very clean and fresh tasting. This was an excellent pretzel and something Haven must go through a lot of because I kept seeing these bad boys coming from the kitchen.

  My wife decided to get the biscuits and gravy. The biscuits are made with pork fat and the gravy is made with breakfast sausage. The biscuits themselves were layered and full of porky flavor. These biscuits were light and fluffy while still being dense enough to fill you up. The breakfast sausage gravy was loaded with bits of sausage, it was smooth and peppery. My wife got a side order of eggs to go with her biscuits which she placed the eggs on top of the biscuits. She said that she really liked the combination of the gravy and biscuits with the yolk from the egg. She managed to finish one biscuit and a few bites of the second before she tapped out.

  Because we got to Haven at around noon we had the option of ordering from the lunch menu. I was stuck between the hash pile on the breakfast menu and the lamb neck poutine on the lunch menu. I mentioned this to the waitress and she recommended the hash pile, so that is what I ordered. The hash pile is hash browns, lamb neck gravy, cheese curds, and two eggs. This was basically a breakfast version of poutine anyway so I was happy. The hash browns were on the bottom of the cast iron skillet and very crispy. The lamb neck gravy came next and it was loaded with unctuous, shredded pieces of lamb. The gravy was silky and brimming with strands of tender lamb. The cheese curds were melted, gooey plots within the gravy. The cheese curds added a lusciousness to the entire dish. The eggs were laid on top of this hash pile and the yolks added a succulent touch to the entire meal. My only complaint was that the hash browns were a little over done which added a slight bitter taste. If the hash browns were not cooked so much the potatoes would have added a good starchy bite that would have helped to cut through some of the richness.

  Did the Haven Gastropub meet all my expectations? Most definitely! I cannot wait to go back and try some of their other offerings. I was very happy with the quality of the food, the service was excellent and very attentive. I never had to ask for a refill of my drink, which I think is awesome. The prices were fair for the level of food quality that was served to us. I know Haven has a steady flow of loyal customers and after this meal Haven Gastropub now has one more in me.

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