Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An average Saturday morning

The Broken Yolk Cafe
2810 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA 92869

  The Broken Yolk Cafe just recently opened and I was pretty excited. A new breakfast joint in the neighborhood always makes me happy. So three out of four of us took a Saturday morning to try out The Broken Yolk. My daughter got the kids pancakes with sausage, my wife got a Canadian bacon  and cheese omelet with hash browns and I got two eggs with corned beef hash. With drinks this meal was about $35.

  My wife started by trying to cut up my daughters pancakes. My wife said the pancakes felt tough while she was trying to cut them. My daughter did not seem to mind too much because she did finish almost all the pancakes and finished both sausages. I did try a couple of the left over pieces of pancake and I thought they were chewy and dense. An okay stack of pancakes.

  My wife's Canadian bacon and cheese omelet was loaded with thick cubes of Canadian bacon and lots of melted cheese. My wife felt the omelet was a little bit undercooked for her liking. She also asked for her hash browns to be well done but that did not happen. I also tried some of this omelet and I thought the eggs were fluffy and the filling was plentiful. The Canadian bacon was warm but I thought it could have been cooked a bit more. Other then that no real complaints here with the omelet. The hash browns  were a bit under cooked even for my liking. The inside of the hash brown was almost like mashed potatoes but lacking any kind of seasoning.

  Desperate to find a good plate of corned beef hash I thought I would order this and see what The Broken Yolk Cafe had to offer. Unfortunately for me it was some canned variation of corned beef hash that was simply laid down on a flat top griddle to crust it up. The texture of this type of corned beef hash is not pleasant and simply unappealing. The two eggs were cooked to a perfect over medium so there was plenty of yolk to help mask the tinny flavor of the hash. They had a fantastically fluffy blueberry muffin however and let me tell you, it was awesome! Chalk full of ripe blueberries and the perfect amount of sweetness. The muffin was moist enough to were I did not even need any butter.

  I would call our breakfast at The Broken Yolk Cafe mediocre at best. There were no glaring mistakes that made me dislike The Broken Yolk Cafe but at the same time there was nothing special that made me want to revisit The Broken Yolk Cafe. My search continues for a local establishment that servers a great plate of corned beef hash. If you have any tips feel free to leave a comment. If you decide to check out The Broken Yolk Cafe do not walk in expecting mind blowing food and you will be satisfied with your meal.

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