Friday, September 13, 2013

Just the three of us

Stonefire Grill
3966 Barranca Pkwy
Irvine, CA 92606

  I have been hearing a lot of advertisements about Stonfire Grill from one of the radio stations I listen to on my drive home. The food sounded good and the radio host raved about the food, so we took a Saturday night to drive down to Irvine and give Stonefire Grill a chance. My little one was with the Grandparents so just the three of us went out to dinner that night. My son ordered the pulled pork sandwich with a side of mashed potatoes, my wife ordered the baby back ribs and I ordered the half BBQ chicken. With drinks this meal was about $45.

  I assumed that Stonefire Grill would be a traditional sit down style restaurant but I was mistaken. It was similar to a few places I have been to lately where it is more like a fast food place. Where you order and pay when you first walk in, then you find a table and the food is brought to you when it is ready. I am not a huge of fan of this setup simply because this is more of what I expect from a fast food hamburger joint, not a place where the food is supposed to be much better. The disappointments didn't stop there.

  My son's pulled pork sandwich looked good from the outside but he ended up eating just the pork and leaving the bread behind. My son said the bread was dry and crumbly which made it difficult for him to eat. He did like the pulled pork it self however. He asked if I wanted to try the sandwich so I did and I too found the bread not to be the best quality, however the pork was smokey and moist. I think most of the moisture did come from the BBQ sauce though. He also was not too thrilled with the mashed potatos saying they were bland and lacking seasoning.

  My wife's order of baby back ribs was a half slab and came with a side, which she got a salad. I snagged a rib from my wife so I could try them for myself. The rib it self was tender and it easily pulled away from the bone. They too had a nice smokey flavor to them but my wife and I agreed that the rib meat it self was dry and lacking BBQ sauce. I felt as though the ribs were slathered with the BBQ before cooking but received no BBQ during or after cooking. My wife did end up getting a side of BBQ sauce to help moisten the meat. My wife also felt the ribs were burnt but I did not think so from the one rib I had.

  My half chicken arrived to the table already quartered and covered with BBQ sauce. I was hopeful that my chicken would be better then the rest of the meal. For the most part my chicken was good. The thigh and breast were luscious and tender. The BBQ sauce reminded me of a teriyaki sauce but with a bit of spice, a sweet and heat kind of BBQ sauce. The wing was also tasty and it happened to be my favorite part of the half chicken. Where it fell apart for me was when I went to eat the drum stick. The drum stick was cold and almost felt as if it was brought out of the refrigerator, thrown on the grill to heat it up and then covered in BBQ. When I mentioned that the drum stick was cold the woman that responded was asking what she could do to make things better and I simply asked for a new drum stick. She agreed but it felt like there was hesitation to my request.

  I do not like saying anything negative about a restaurant that I visit and I could have over looked maybe one or two things from Stonefire Grill but when all three of us have some kind of issue with the food I have issues with that. For me and my family the food at Stonefire Grill was average at best and I doubt I will be back. I know we may have got unlucky with a dish but when all three of us walked out of Stonefire Grill we were all unhappy with our meal.

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