Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lunch with Mom

Hill Street Cafe
1004 Foothill Blvd.
La Canada, CA 91011

 I took my Mom to the doctor and on the way home we wanted to eat lunch. I saw the Hill Street Cafe and we decided to stop and try it out. The menu at Hill Street Cafe is expansive and covers many different food types from American, Mexican, to Italian.  Not wanting to be stuffed my Mom and I decided to share a sourdough melt and onion rings. This sandwich was turkey, grilled onions, ortega chilies, tomatoes, Jack cheese and thousand island dressing all on grilled sourdough bread. The sandwich and side was $12.50.

  The sandwich was loaded with so much sliced turkey that it was spilling out the sides of the grilled bread. The turkey was thin yet moist and it too was grilled so it had a slight toasted flavor to it. The Jack cheese was melted and gooey which made it string with each bite of the sandwich. The tomatoes added a hint of sweetness and a lot of moisture. The ortega chilies added the slightest bit of heat and brought a ton a of flavor to the sandwich. The bread was crisp and perfectly grilled on the outside while still being soft in the middle. What a great sandwich! Each bite was full of every flavor which really made this a complete sandwich. I am glad I shared the sandwich with my Mom because I could have easily eaten the whole thing but half was just enough to fill me up. The onion rings we got were super crunchy yet still had a good onion flavor. A very well made ring.

  I did not expect much from Hill Street Cafe because cafes can be hit or miss but this was definitely a hit. So much so that as I write this I am thinking of how I might be able to get back there again. I think the next time I visit Mom we may have make a trip to Hill Street Cafe and I would suggest if you are anywhere near that you should too.

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