Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mediterranean Grand Opening

Luna Grill
3965 Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA 92606

  I received an email from a media relations person about Luna Grill having a grand opening celebration at the newest location in Irvine. So I thought I would go check it out. I was a bit disappointed that the food tasting was just samples and since I write about how foods taste and could care less about all the other festivities I had to go inside and actually order some food. My wife came with me so we got the chicken kabob and ground sirloin kabob plate, we also got a gyro plate and two drinks. This ended up costing me about $30. I wasn't surprised because the prices are clearly marked on the menu board but I was sure hoping the food would be worth the price.

  I stared by first trying some of the ground sirloin kabob. The meat was moist but a bit chewy. There was not much flavor to the meat other then the taste of beef. I did not get any taste of spice or seasoning. I was a bit disappointed to be honest. Next I tried the chicken and wow was this good. The chicken was tender and very juicy. The combination of spices and seasonings used on the chicken made it very flavorful. The slight char that the chicken had brought a nice smokey, grilled flavor to the chicken which left me wanting more of the chicken.

  Next I tried my gyro meat which is a mixture of ground lamb and ground beef with traditional near-eastern spices. I could tell from the slice of gyro meat that this came from a pre-formed hunk of meat and I believe I was correct. As I was about to leave I saw the cooks bring a perfectly shaped skewer of gyro meat out from the back and placeing in the cooking utensil. Now of course this could have been in the back but to me it just seemed to well made to be something that was done by hand. Now this is not to say the gyro was bad, in fact the exact opposite. The flavor of the meat was good and the spice is was exactly what I was used to, however, the meat was a bit dry because it was pre-sliced and sitting in a warming tray until being weighed out for service. I also want to mention that the sides on my plate were tasty. The basmati rice was cooked just right which made it light and fluffy. The pita bread was doughy but in a good way, not under cooked at all. The grilled tomato was a good compliment to the whole dish.

  The food at Luna Grill was good but seeing as how I am always trying to find the best tasting food for the best value I have to say Luna Grill isn't that place. If I had brought my kids with me the meal could have easily been over $50 and in my opinion I can get food that I personally enjoy more for less money. I will say that the chicken kabob at Luna Grill was out of this world fantastic and I would easily order that again but the combination of cost and just okay food may keep me away from Luna Grill in the future.

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