Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Show, Another Burger

The Burger House
171 W. 2nd St.
Pomona, CA 91766

  The family headed out to the Glass House in Pomona to see a family friend's band play. We had some time to kill and conveniently across the street is The Burger House. Everyone in the family loves a good burger, we were hungry and it was close so the The Burger House was the easy choice. The Burger House is quite loud inside so be prepared  but the noise level is worth the meal.

  My daughter got the kids cheese burger, my son got the salmon burger, my wife got the bacon burger and I got the big easy burger, all burgers come with fries and we also got drinks. The total bill for this meal was about $51. But if you check in on Yelp you get a free milk shake and of course I took advantage of that offer.

My daughter's kid's burger was single slider sized patty covered in cheese. My daughter was very happy with her burger and fries. No complaints from her and seemed satisfied with her meal when we left.

  The Grilled Salmon Bun as it is called on the menu consists of a salmon burger grilled or Blackened, topped with lettuce, tomato, red onion and finished with a remoulade spread. My son's looked like a piece of Blackened salmon but now that I think about it, I don't think he was offered the option when he ordered. My son did mention his was a little spicy but he thought it was because of the sauce. Either way for the most part my son did enjoy his "burger" his only negative was that it was a little too charred. Which would have been caused by the Blackened process.

The Bacon Burger my wife ordered was piled high w/ apple wood smoked bacon, tomato, caramelized onion, pickles and green leaf lettuce and 1,000 island spread. My wife 86'ed the lettuce and 1,000 island spread. This burger looked like a bacon lovers dream and I almost ordered it myself being the bacon connoisseur that I am. My wife said the burger was delicious and she really liked the fries, however she did mention that she thought the onions were a bit too caramelized and almost tasted burnt. She too was pleased with her meal.

  The Big Easy Burger is breakfast in a bun with a twist, this patty is topped with an over easy egg. apple wood smoked bacon, Swiss, laid on a bed of fries, which are like hash browns. Before I even bit into this breakfast burger the yolk from the egg was pouring out the bottom. The burger it self was cooked to a perfect medium which left the beef full of flavor and super juicy. The bacon was thick and extra crispy, the egg was runny and fries were crispy. The mixture of egg yolk and burger juice made awesome drippings on my plate which were sopped up before each bite. The bun held up well and did not turn into a soggy mess which made eating this burger much easier. I was very happy with the burger, the combinations of flavors was reminiscent of classic breakfast. My only complaint was the amount of fries that came with the burger. We only got around twenty fries each, that is a problem because these fries were fantastic. Some of the best fries I have had recently. They were the perfect blend of crisp outside and fluffy inside while being seasoned with the right amount of salt. I could have eaten around forty fries without a problem.

  The Burger House did not disappoint me, the family walked out happy and full. The smallest critiques do not take from everything else that was done right. I felt the prices were fair for the quality of food we received and the service was courteous and prompt. I can easily recommend The Burger House and would say next time you are going to the Glass House to see a show make sure you carve out time to stop by The Burger House before the show. You will be glad you do so!

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