Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Moreno's Mexican Restaurant

Moreno's Mexican Restaurant
4328 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, CA 92869

  My wife has encouraging me to check out Moreno's Mexican Restaurant for weeks now. Her description of this place made it sound like an authentic Mexican restaurant with outstanding food. We showed up earlier on a Friday evening so the place was not busy and we were seated right away. The staff was super friendly and the menu had a nice selection to pick from. When my family decided what to eat, my daughter ordered the kids cheese quesadilla, my son ordered the all meat burrito, my wife ordered the chicken enchiladas with green sauce and I ordered the beef machaca. With drinks this meal was about $68.

  After the food was ordered it was brought out to out table fairly quick and my daughter enjoyed her quesadilla. Nothing special there nor did I expect much more then she got. It was your basic cheese quesadilla.

  My son got the all meat burrito which came with a little bit of all the different meats Moreno's offers. He got the burrito dry with just cheese on top. The burrito was large, full of meat, beans and cheese. I tried a few bites for myself and I found some of the meat to be a bit dry and chewy. The flavors were okay but it kinda of felt like something I could have made at home. My son was not impressed with the burrito and simply said that it was "alright".

  When my wife got her plate of food she had to question whether it had green sauce on it or not and even called the waiter whom assured us there was in fact green sauce. I had a hard time finding it and so did my wife, so she ended up getting a side of green sauce. My wife enjoyed her enchiladas saying that her meal was good. I had a small bite of the chicken, maybe not enough to form an opinion but I thought the chicken it self was bland and lacking any kind of flavoring.

  As for my beef machaca it was a generous portion and served with four flour tortillas. The beef was tender but very greasy. After eating a few bites of the beef my lips had a slick coating of grease that felt like I had just applied a large dollop of chap stick. Not an appetizing feeling at all, Again the meat was lacking any kind of distinct flavor and simply tasted like shredded beef and eggs. The side of rice though, was moist and cooked well but again lacking any kind of flavor or even any kind of simple seasoning. The beans were creamy and just fine.

  I do not like writing negative reviews but I have said from day one if I do not like a restaurant then I will be honest with my readers. Unfortunately Moreno's Mexican Restaurant left me in a limbo kind of state. There was nothing glaringly wrong with the food, expect for my plate of grease but at the same time there was nothing that caught any members of my family's attention. The plating of the food seemed sloppy and the the flavors were just okay. I have had much better food for the cost of this meal and would recommend you find somewhere else to spend your money. Sorry Moreno's.

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