About Me

  What can I say? I love to eat and this is the place you can read about the food I have tasted. The good will be showcased and the bad will be ridiculed with no holds barred. Just an average guy writing about his food experiences. You can expect everything from fast food to a fancy sit down restaurant. Anything my budget can afford, is fair game!

  I am a thirty-something male living in Orange County, CA with a wife and two kids. I work in the computer technical support field and pull forty hours a week. At the end of my week I like to go out and have a nice family meal. The focus of PapaKaster Eatin' will be on finding a family friendly places to eat that have good tasting food and will not destroy the bank account. I will admit there are times I will splurge a bit but these times are far and few between.

  I like to think of PapaKaster Eatin' as the average Joe food blog. I have no culinary training and have never taken a writing class. It's me writing about the places my family and I have eaten at with some individual meals sprinkled in. I hope you enjoy the posts and continue to read.